permits & site surveys

Prior to any installation, it is important that a site survey is conducted. This is to make sure that we have relevant measurements of where signage will be installed or removed; photos of the site itself to aid in the installation process; and notes by the surveyor to help the installer when it comes time to put the sign up.

No matter where you want your sign installed, permits are going to be apart of the process. If you choose Design Group as your signage company, we will be sure to take care of all administrative and technical components to apply and obtain permits for your project. We are registered as Signage and Electrical Contractors in countless towns and cities across the Chicagoland area, including Chicago. If we have never worked in your area before, we have no problems registering as a contractor and completing the process for you.

If you need a survey or help with the permitting process - call us today!



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