When you pass a business, school, healthcare facility, or any other type of storefront, what is the first thing you notice? We are willing to bet it is their sign. Many companies choose to go with a monument sign to give their first impressions. Monument signs are freestanding signs that are not attached to buildings or other structures that provide a clean and impressive look to any business.


An illuminated monument will draw in customers no matter if it is day or night. Bright, long-lasting LEDS bring your sign to life in the nighttime, while spotlights can give it a warm, inviting glow, amongst other options to light your sign up!


Non-illuminated monuments are incredibly versatile. Our non-illuminated monuments catch as many eyes as our illuminated ones, due to our use of striking colors, precision-cut letters, and plethora of designs to match what your company needs.


A custom monument can be anything you want it to be. Rather than a traditional cabinet, a custom monument can take on all kinds of shapes. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, this may be the monument for you.


An architectural monument is one that has a unified design. It incorporates the identity of your company by matching existing structures and buildings and has a seamless finish.


Stone monuments are a classic and impressive way to show people what your business is about. They can bring an organic look to your entrance.  There are so many choices – limestone, pre-cast, and many more types of stone – we will work with them all!

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